Yo-Yo Blanket in Progress!

It's officially June now, which means it's the perfect time to start making blankets, right?

Okay, maybe not.  But these yo-yo blankets aren't super heavy and the pattern is really fun.  I started this one about two years ago - before Hubby and I were even married - as a baby blanket.  Well, I got sidetracked and never finished.

This past weekend, I had finished up some projects I have yet to post about and didn't have anything special on my plate, so I picked it back up again.  And then I had to run out and buy enough yarn to turn this into a blanket for someone my size :)


Originally, I had found the pattern online, but it's since been removed because the designer published a book with Annie's Attic.  Lo and behold, wouldn't you know I had picked up the book a couple weekends back?  I lucked out for once, haha.

It looks more difficult than it really is, and the effect is amazing.  Doesn't it look like a bunch of little circles sewn together?  I promise it's not nearly as tedious as you think it is (though it does require some math skills if you want a bigger blanket).



Anyway, this blanket has been keeping me company every night this week between working on class projects and being at work.  I'm hoping to have it done within the next week or so, but we'll see what happens.  Probably not, knowing me!

Sidebar: I got eaten alive over Memorial Day.  I was up from 3-4AM on Monday night scratching away at my foot.  Seriously though, it's unbearable!  But other than that, it was a great weekend.  I wish every weekend could be four days long.  Maybe then my eye twitch would go away :P