Work in Progress: Crocodile Stitch Scarf

Happy Friday, everyone!  Are you as pumped for the weekend as I am?  I can almost guarantee that you're not, haha.  What a crazy week.  I feel like Hubby has been on the verge of committing me all week because I've been coming home from work a) stressed out and b) playing my new iPhone app "Tiny Wings" for about two hours every night.  I may be obsessed.

So I just wanted to share this amazing new crochet stitch I've been learning.  It's called the "Crocodile Stitch" and it basically looks like scales.  I've been practicing by making a scarf and was able to snap this photo right after I'd started.  Last week, I doubled the size of this and it looks great:


I learned by watching a combination of YouTube videos and a written version.  What I've done follows none of these to a T, haha.  It's much harder to learn than I expect it to be.  But now that I've caught on, I think it's super easy, not to mention fun and quick!

I got the yarn on sale at Mary Maxim.  It's one of their own yarns, but I forget the name offhand.  I'll post an update with the details once I'm done - I just wanted to share how fun this stitch was!  And it seems to be making its rounds in the crocheting social media circle, so of course I jumped on the bandwagon :)

Before I leave you all for two days of fun, please vote for me as the best "art" blog in the Lehigh Valley!  Participants can vote once per day until voting ends, so if you've already voted for me, you can keep doing so for the rest of the month :D  Thanks for your help, and have a great weekend!!!!