Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Whether you're single or attached, I hope you were all able to enjoy the holiday!  So many people are vocal about their Valentine's Day dislike, and I understand the point that every day should be special.  But really, it's the one day out of the year you can use the "I'm hanging out with my hubby" excuse and not get the shifty eyes.

But for many people, there are other things to celebrate on Valentine's Day.

This is my oma (and I'm throwing in a really awful photo of me for free, as well):

Me and oma!

Valentine's Day is her birthday, so this past Saturday, the whole fam got together and went to dinner, followed by cake and coffee and her house.

But you'll notice she is wearing a hand-crocheted scarf - made by moi!  I've tried to make her presents for her birthday the past few years because (and you may have guessed this already), my oma is the person who taught me to knit.  Granted the scarf is crocheted, but I'm not sure I'd have picked that up without having known how to knit first.  And I think she appreciates what I make.  In any event, the scarf came out pretty nicely.

The pattern is from Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker, which I re-purchased over the weekend since losing it somehow in our move last year.  I used larger hooks than called for because I know my gauge is always tight, and I loved how loose it came out this time.  The yarn was new for me: Caron Simply Soft Paints in different shades of red - it was really beautiful and I'd definitely buy it again.  Caron never disappoints me.

Here are some close-ups of the scarf so you can get a better look at the colors:

Oma's birthday scarf

Oma's birthday scarf (detail)

And here's a photo (taken using Instagram for the iPhone) of me wearing the scarf to redeem my appearance in that first one.   Ouch.

Oma and her crocheted birthday scarf

Thanks, Oma, for helping me develop my love for the fiber arts!

Happy day after Valentine's Day!  For what it's worth, I do have the best hubby ever.  He got me Swedish Fish with a candy jar to keep on my desk at work so I don't think about killing people as often, a bottle of Clover Hill Catawba wine (who doesn't love a good Catawba), and a yarn ball winder!  He knows me so well.

Maybe next year I'll get a photo of him smiling :)