Snow Woes and Crochet Santa & Poinsettia Magnets

Those of you who know me will know that I really hate winter.  This would probably be different if I was even mildly athletic and could ski or snowboard, or even if I kind of enjoyed the cold.  But I like being a couch potato in the winter time and I enjoy being warm.  Plus my car enjoys being in one piece.

I'd like to state that not only did my ABS kick in this morning, but I also spun out once.  Then I nearly crashed into another car who was fishtailing through a stop sign, so that was awesome.  I also just heard someone crashed into a building down the street.  This was all not much more than an hour ago and it's already melting.  Gotta love seasonal transitions in PA.

At least it's starting to look a little more like Christmas now that the ground is covered in white.  I hate snow, but it hasn't felt like the holidays without it, either.  So in honor of our first snowfall, here are the finished crochet poinsettia and Santa magnets I finished for Paula (shipping out this week):



The Santa faces are based off a pattern from Mary Maxim that is no longer in print.  I end up making at least a few of these every year because they're just so darn cute that my friends and family fall in love with them.


This time around, I made the poinsettias out of crochet thread.  It wasn't as awful as I had imagined, and I think I completed them quicker than I did when I made them out of worsted yarn.  Go figure!  I thought it would be tedious, but it was painless - and the results were well worth the work.


There's a picture of the poinsettia with a water bottle cap to give you an idea of its size :)

Also, my blog has been listed in the Top 40 Knitting & Crochet Blogs!  Check out the site to find out why.  I'm thrilled to have been chosen as #16.  Thanks so much, Tara!

That's it for today!  Have a great Hump Day :D