Have Yourself a Merry Knitted Christmas

How was everyone's Christmas?  We had a great one on our end :)  Except that yesterday with my family was cut short due to a supposed snow storm that never arrived.  I think we got about 2" total and the roads are just slush today.  My parents had planned a big breakfast of homemade waffles for us and some time to play all our new Wii games, but we unfortunately left at 6AM to avoid the "snow storm".  Silly weathermen!

Anyway, I know you all are wondering (I'm sure it's been keeping you up at night) how my bolero turned out!  I posted a teaser photo on Christmas Eve just to celebrate the fact it was done, but here are some details:



And here's me and hubby at my parents' on Christmas Eve:

I finished it on the 23rd at our friends' house, where we had a Secret Santa gift exchange and some nummy holiday food.  I think I've gained about 25lbs! I was also attacked by all the babies at one point, which I loved and I'm pretty sure it set my biological clock into a ragingly fast tick.  Oops!

More to come this week since I've finished a couple other orders, plus I received my traveling scarf in the mail!  Just need to put it together.  And I can finally post all the jewelry I made for everyone - I had to keep it all a secret before :)  WOOHOO!  Only 4 days left until 2011... and so much to do.

I'm enjoying my last day off of my 4-day Christmas weekend by crocheting and playing Donkey Kong, courtesy of hubby.  Hopefully all of you were able to take some time and relax over the holiday, as well.  I know how hard it is to be working full-time, trying to start a business part-time, trying to do well in school, and still keep everyone happy - so it's been nice to sort of kick back and reintroduce myself to my husband and family for the first time in awhile, haha.