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My swap package from Hat from Swap, made by NolaHooksNBooks

See?  I told you I got spoiled.

Before going in to the other contents of the package, I should mention that there used to be Swedish Fish.  Unfortunately, they didn't survive this photoshoot; Hubby and I had already torn through the bag.  Okay, so it was mostly me, but he helped!

Anyway, the purpose of this swap was for my partner to make one of my favorited hats on Ravelry.  Little did I know that she would be making me three!  I win!  And Jess has the greatest taste in yarn ever (she does a really cool thing where she attaches the yarn label to the hat so I know what it's made from).

Here are some closeups of each hat.  Control your drooling!

Hat from Swap, made by NolaHooksNBooks
Bobble Beauty (rav link to pattern)

Hat from Swap, made by NolaHooksNBooks
Phannie (rav link to pattern)

Hat from Swap, made by NolaHooksNBooks
Olivia's Butterfly (rav link to pattern)

If you click here, you can visit the Flickr page where I've noted each individual item and what they are :)

But look at all the cute things!  I especially love the little paw punch that I can use for scrapbooking.  It's adorable.  Jess is the swap partner I've had before who has my cat's twin (or so it seems).  They look so much alike, it's scary.  So we've taken to including little kitty gifts in our packages, and Jess did not disappoint.  I've heard Chucky and Petey tossing their new blinky ball around in our living room.  In fact, they were so happy about their new toys that they hijacked my photoshoot:

Kitties checking out the swap package

They were just too cute to shoo away.

I hope you've enjoyed downloading the 87 photos on this page. You're welcome! Haha. Thank you so much, Jess, for another great package. I super loved everything and can't wait until it gets a wee bit chilly so I can wear all these wonderful hats. MWAH!