I've just been overall crafty

New tags for things I make, originally uploaded by jennlikesyarn.

I needed new tags to attach to my finished products. I just did. In the past, I've used big floppy business cards and, though cute, they just weren't cute enough for me. Everyone has business cards, so to me, they're kind of like... whatever. I wanted something more unique.

So last weekend, I made a trip to my local ACMoore (not unlike most weekends) to check out scrapbooking punches. I have a small collection, but nothing with shapes. Mine are all kinds of fancy, like a lace edger from my idol Martha Stewart. That just would not do, especially since I didn't have ones that cropped out corners in pattern.

Needless to say, I got really distracted and picked up not just a circle punch, but a scalloped circle punch. It's 1.5" and pretty freaking cute, if I say so myself.

In Illustrator, I put together a really simple circle design that says "Made with love by jennlikesyarn" and then listed my website. I then glued the printed sheet of logos to the back side of some fun scrapbook paper (don't have a heart attack - it wasn't the Mariposa stack or anything :P). Then I punched out each logo and used another punch to put a hole at the top for attaching to products.

I think the results are fabulous. You have all the information you need one side, and fun pattern on the other. In future generations, I may put an email address on there, but I think this suffices for now :)

How do you guys use tags on your products? Anything fancy? I think these are my favorites so far, and I think they're unique. What are the best tags you've seen? I love getting new ideas!