Swap #3: Favorite Holiday Swap (or Amazingly Awesome Awesomeness)

As mentioned in previous posts, I participated in a Favorite Holiday Swap in February.  The theme was that the spoilee picked their favorite holiday and your goal was to send them a package based on that holiday.

Being that it was just Christmas, I chose Halloween.  It's one of my favorite holidays because it kind of kicks off the holiday season, I love everything having to do with the Fall (heck, hubby and I got married in October), the colors are awesome, the weather is great, and Halloween is just a super cute holiday with all the kiddos.  (Sidebar: Hubby and I realized the other day that we might actually get trick-or-treaters this year, being that we own a house and don't live in an apartment, and I got really excited).

In any event, I maybe have just gotten the best swap package ever:

(Sidebar #2: notice our awesome new green couch - doesn't look green here, but I swear it is!  Also, some candy may or may not have been harmed in the making of this photo.  Looks like we're missing some Reese's Pieces and a Cadbury.  Oops :D)

We're talking tons of candy (nom nom nom), a sparkly tape measure, some pom-pom makers that I've sorely needed since losing all of mine in our last move, ADORABUBBLE stuffed toys, ghost story cards, a Nightmare Before Christmas Trivial Pursuit Game (it does exist, and it is awesome), some really cute scrapbooking supplies that are sure to get me right back into it (already planing on what my pages will look like, hehe), greeting cards, and just...  amazingness.

Um, yes.  And the funny part about this photo was that as I set up the picture, I was like, "Good grief, I am the most spoiled spoilee in a swap ever," and then realized I hadn't even included the yarn yet.  Which, by the way, included some FREAKIN' NORO:

Just look at that amazing assortment of colors.  I've been so excited to get my hands on this stuff, but it'll have to wait until the craft room is organized and I finish some other projects that I'm sick of staring at, haha.

And let's not forget the cutest Halloween stitch markers ever (that she MADE!!!!):

So like here's the deal.... Mystique, you were a totally awesome spoiler.  I can't believe I received all of this amazing stuff.  Thank you SO MUCH, and I hope you had a great time witht the swap, too :D

And because I'm impatient and too excited to wait, here's a sneak peak (albeit a messy one) of the craft room: