Weekend Progress: Ruffled Capelet and Frosted Waves by Robyn Chachula

My weekend projects are sadly lacking in abundance, but I figured I'd come and post about them because I mean - what the heck?

I finished the main part of my friend's ruffled wedding capelet and started the bottom ruffle. I'm actually almost done with the it (the ruffle) at this point, which means only two more ruffles and thousands of stitches left to go! It sounds like I didn't work on it at all when I say I'm only almost done with the ruffle after a weekend, but let me tell you something - ruffles. take. FOREVER. I thought about taking another picture, but decided to spare you all yet another picture of brown and sparkles.

Thing is, I'd have gotten more done had I just taken my knitting in the car with me on our way to the Damien Jurado show. I remember looking at the yarn on my way out the door and thinking, "Well, I could, but it really shouldn't be necessary." And then... it took 2.5 hours to travel 56 miles because it's construction season here in PA, and I ended up staring at the same "Central Philadelphia" exit sign for multiple eons. I could have probably finished the capelet and started a good portion of a knit Ferrari or something in that time.

What a waste of time traveling right now is. Let's put it this way - I work 7 miles from my apartment and not one road that I use to get to work isn't under construction. I've tried taking several alternative routes to no avail because they are all under construction, also.

Anyway, I digress. Don't live in PA.

Because I started getting fed up with knitting ruffles (haha, but seriously, I was able to get only 2.5 rows done during the Rock of Love Bus Reunion show last night), I started the Frosted Waves sweater designed by Robyn Chachula. This time, I decided to get all professional on it by actually whipping up a gauge swatch, and boy am I ever glad I did! Based on the swatch, I learned I had to go down a hook size (to a G). I thought that was strange, since usually I crochet super tight and thought I'd have to go up a size, but maybe all those ruffles have gotten to me and I've started to crochet more looseley.

So far, I think it still looks like it might be a bit big on me (I'm doing the medium size), but we'll see how it plays out. It's supposed to be a bit baggy in the middle, and it seems like it'll fit around my bust, something I'm not used to sweaters doing! I also think my brain took a little vacation over the weekend because it took me three times to get the first row to match up with the amount of chains I did. Don't ask me why. I did spend 10 minutes on ravelry hoping to find some kind of errata to prove I wasn't crazy, but I knew deep down that Robyn Chachula, of all people, would never let that happen. But so far, so good now.

Hope you all had a good weekend and are enjoying this ugly, rainy Monday!