Internet Accolades and Big Craft Weekend Ahead

Okay, first, can we please discuss the fact that Vickie Howell commented on something I wrote on her blog?! My heart stopped for like 10 seconds and I immediately emailed all my friends (well, quite a few) to let them know. I want to print it out and frame it. I feel like I've been blessed or something. SQUEE!

And THEN... the always-talented Robyn Chachula was holding a Knit & Crochet Today DVD giveaway on her blog. While I didn't win the DVD, she listed one of my comments as her favorite (for the favorite interview entry). I can't believe it - these people know I exist!

I should throw in the fact The Crochet Dude himself friended me on ravelry just because, and then I can die a happy woman.

End fan-girl moment.

Okay, back to some real stuff. Like pictures of what I'll be working on this weekend.

Here we have some more progress on the brown sparkly wrap my friend wants to wear before her wedding. As you can see, I haven't done much more than in the last photo :) That said, it feels like it's flying now because I've decreased so much and put 10 stitches on holders on each end that I'm only knitting/purling about 90 stitches or less each row now.

In two more rows, I'll put the remaining live stitches on a holder and then start making the ruffles. I doubt you can see from the picture, but at the very bottom (that's curling, of course) and for every 3", there is a row of garter stitch. This will help me pick up and knit the three rows of ruffles. It's actually a really fun pattern, though I guess it looks kind of tedious. It gets pretty mindless once you're in the groove, though.

Next up, and speaking of the talented Robyn Chachula, we have this crocheted top from, I think, the Jan/Feb issue of Crochet Today. I tried to get the yarn used everywhere in a price range I could afford (as much as I wanted, I just couldn't rationalize $70 on yarn to my fiance, and I didn't feel like going through buyer's remorse). I ended up getting a lovely color of sport weight yarn from Herrshner's that I'm excited to try. It feels so soft and it looks so pretty. The yarn arrive a couple days ago and has been sitting in its box, all sad and lonely, crying for me to come do something with it. Please don't worry, dear yarn, I will be visiting you soon!

But isn't the pattern pretty? I can't remember what sparked me to go back and find it, but I went home that day and scoured my library. Lucky for me, I had just put everything in its right order, or I would have been there for hours.

Well, I do have other pictures, but they just don't seem blog-worthy. Included are a knitted scarf (I finished the tunisian crochet one and felt like using up more scraps, so scarves it is!) and a photo of the poncho pattern I was whining about in my last entry :)

So, I guess it looks to be a busy yarn-filled weekend for me, but I have a car trip to Philly tomorrow to see the wonderful indie artist Damien Jurado - I'll need some form of entertainment, right?

What are you guys up to this weekend? Any big plans?