Prepare for Ultimate Flower Swap Picspam!

As promised, here are the beautiful flowers I received in the swap I participated in at the end of August/beginning of September.  Here they all are:


I know, they're incredibly awesome :D  Had I known one of our goals was to package them up super cute, I totally would have gone all out.  But now that I know I can use my feeble scrapbooking skills, I can make mine look so much nicer for the upcoming Christmas flower swap.  I learn from my mistakes!  But without further ado...

I'll start with Sonya (YT link), our wonderful swap host(ess)!  These are the super pretty flowers she made:



I especially love the carnation.  She's been featuring carnations in her YouTube videos lately, but they don't do them justice.  I'm always amazed at how she enjoys working with crochet thread because it does nothing but give me trouble.  Many kudos to her for enduring the pain!

Next up, we have Regan's flowers (blog link, YT link).  I love the pink one (I'm sure you're all surprised!) because of the smaller flower in the center.  I think that just makes it cuter :)  And I love the bright red of her second flower, too.  These definitely need to go on something.  Maybe a fun bag I make?  Or even as cute hair accessories.



Last, but certainly not least, we have Debbi's SUPER FANTASTICAL ROSES.  Aren't these great?  And they're pink :D  I just love how she made the center of the bigger, light pink flower.  It's such a fun and creative idea that I'll need to start incorporating into my own flowers.



So there you have it.  Not only have I killed Flickr's bandwidth with all these photos, but I'm sure you're flower'd out by now ;)  I love swaps!

Help, I'm surrounded by too many crocheted roses!

Welcome to Day 3 of my "catching up on blogging for all the photos I took last weekend because I have had endless projects out the wazoo" series.

Today, I'm sharing some sparkly obnoxiousness for a flower swap I'm participating in.  Everyone in our group had to make two different kinds of flowers and enough for each person.  One of the requirements was that we embellish the flowers in some way, so I sprayed both flowers with fabric glitter and added bling to the blue ones.  Here's a pretty photo:

Flowers for flower swap

This was before I went out and purchased more posterboard to take nice-looking pictures, so I apologize for the fact the turquoise blue isn't burning holes in your retinas as it should be.  I promise, it is much brighter than the photo allows for.  But they still look pretty!  I made them on my flower loom using some new skills I had learned to make a fun "swirl" effect around the center.  You can see this effect better in my next photo:

Daisy loom flowers for swap

The other flowers were some really cute rosettes I made from a Lion Brand pattern.  I really hate making rosettes, so I was thrilled to find a pattern that didn't make we want to rip my hair out.  It's fun, easy, and the results are really cute.  Plus, they give you instructions to make the roses bigger or smaller, depending on what you want, so you really don't need to worry about gauge.  Check them out:

Roses for flower swap

And as thanks to Sonya for hosting this swap, I made her a little thank-you hat featuring one of those adorable rosettes! 

One of the new style hats I've been making

It's one of my latest designs I'll be selling this fall, and I've already made three with more on the way.  I'm even working on some baby ones for a custom order I received earlier in the week.  I already heard back from Sonya, and she loved it!  I'm surprised how quickly it got to her (I mailed it from PA on Saturday and she received it in CA by Monday - how did that happen?!), but I guess it's the little things that make life fun :)

I'll be receiving everyone else's roses over the next few weeks, so I'll keep you posted.  I'm sure you'll be waiting with baited breath, haha, but I'm excited to see what they make!

My swap partner loved me - Favorite Hats PicSpam

My swap package from Hat from Swap, made by NolaHooksNBooks

See?  I told you I got spoiled.

Before going in to the other contents of the package, I should mention that there used to be Swedish Fish.  Unfortunately, they didn't survive this photoshoot; Hubby and I had already torn through the bag.  Okay, so it was mostly me, but he helped!

Anyway, the purpose of this swap was for my partner to make one of my favorited hats on Ravelry.  Little did I know that she would be making me three!  I win!  And Jess has the greatest taste in yarn ever (she does a really cool thing where she attaches the yarn label to the hat so I know what it's made from).

Here are some closeups of each hat.  Control your drooling!

Hat from Swap, made by NolaHooksNBooks
Bobble Beauty (rav link to pattern)

Hat from Swap, made by NolaHooksNBooks
Phannie (rav link to pattern)

Hat from Swap, made by NolaHooksNBooks
Olivia's Butterfly (rav link to pattern)

If you click here, you can visit the Flickr page where I've noted each individual item and what they are :)

But look at all the cute things!  I especially love the little paw punch that I can use for scrapbooking.  It's adorable.  Jess is the swap partner I've had before who has my cat's twin (or so it seems).  They look so much alike, it's scary.  So we've taken to including little kitty gifts in our packages, and Jess did not disappoint.  I've heard Chucky and Petey tossing their new blinky ball around in our living room.  In fact, they were so happy about their new toys that they hijacked my photoshoot:

Kitties checking out the swap package

They were just too cute to shoo away.

I hope you've enjoyed downloading the 87 photos on this page. You're welcome! Haha. Thank you so much, Jess, for another great package. I super loved everything and can't wait until it gets a wee bit chilly so I can wear all these wonderful hats. MWAH!

Sockhead Hat - A Two-Week Time Sucker

Sock yarn hat I made for a swap package

Sock yarn hat I made for a swap package

There it is: the project that consumed two weeks of my life.

At first glance, you wouldn't think it would take so long.  After all, it's only 4" of ribbing followed by approximately 9" of stockinette.  I looked forward to this project because it was mindless and great for catching up on the season premieres of our favorite shows ("Mad Men" is back, everyone!).

What I failed to remember is that anything worked with sock yarn is going to be painful if you're under a time constraint, even if the pattern is easy.  Hence why I have a huge pile of sock yarn building up in my craft room, but have yet to finish a sock.  I just lose interest after that 30,000th stitch, when I realize I haven't even reached the heel.

It was made for a Favorite Hat swap over at Ravelry.  It's the second one of its kind, and after much success with the first swap, I knew I had to join the second.  For this swap, we had to comb through our partner's Ravelry favorites and make one of the hats on the list.  Simple enough, and lots of fun to finally have the hats you've wanted to make for two years and haven't gotten around to.

My partner's favorite colors were jewel tones, so I immediately knew which of my yarns I was going to use.  This particular yarn was purchased on an outing shortly before our wedding when I was looking for a fun honeymoon project.  I decided to attempt socks and bought these skeins at A Garden of Yarn in Chadds Ford, PA.  The place lives up to its name, by the way, so it's worth a stop if you're in the area!

Well, as mentioned above, socks get really boring (I give major credit to people who like making them) and the pair never got finished.  So it was nice to be able to recycle the yarn and make something useful, even if I had to give it away when all was said and done.

The great news is that my swap partner loved it, as well as the other goodies I included in my package.  I was sad to see it go, but I look forward to the day my patience rebuilds so I can make another one out of my stash.

Here is a link to my project page over on Ravelry, and here is a link to the pattern (it's free!).

I have so many blog posts to make this week, so prepare for some flooding :)  I took a bunch of pictures over the weekend, and there are more I need to take for the JennyHats Fall Collection, so I'm in dire need to catching up.

Tomorrow: the swap package I received with my favorite hat.  Or should I say hats?  I was really spoiled!

Swap #4 - Ravelry Favorites Swap

So last week, I promised you all a blog post by the end of the week.  I lied.  I'm making up for that now by posting a photo from my most recent swap (this is a long time coming, believe you me!):

Isn't it a wonderful package?  As mentioned in previous posts, the theme was Ravelry Favorites, and you had to go through your partner's Ravelry favorites list and choose one of their hats to make.  I had been drooling over this hat for months, but never had the time to make it (what with the house hunting, actually buying the house, then moving, not to mention starting my MBA, and a whole bunch of other stuff I'm sure you don't care about, so why am I rambling?).

If you'd like to make your own, here is the link to purchase the wonderful pattern: clicky!

The stitch markers are absolutely wonderful, as well.  I always get excited when someone sends me those :)  These particular markers are made with jewels to look like flowers - a perfect Spring package!  It's unfortunate I haven't had much knitting on my plate, but I'm hoping to have some time soon so I can use them.

And look at that bookmark!  I don't know how you people make those things.  Trying to crochet thread snowflakes for Christmas made my fingers cry in pain, and my stitches are nowhere near as neat and tidy as that when all is said and done (hmmm, maybe someday I'll get around to posting pictures of those, too :P)  Beautiful Spring colors!

Okay, enough gushing.  Suffice it to say I had an awesomely talented swap partner.  Many thanks!!!!